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‘Pachakam’ means cooking in Kerala, India. Cooking is not merely making food but an art of showcasing culinary skills. Keralites give prime importance to healthy and mouth-watering recipes. Once you taste their food, you become an ardent fan of their cuisine and get to adore their cooking style. It does not mean that you have to be born and brought up in Kerala, if you wish to know about Kerala pachakam. Be in any corner of the world and you have the privilege to know about the comprehensive range of dishes has in store for you; Thanks to the Internet!

Kerala pachakam

The pachakam of Kerala is linked with the geography, demography, history and culture of the land. The cuisine has myriads of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Coconut is an indispensable part of the pachakam of malayalees and in dishes for flavoring and thickening in the form of coconut cream, coconut milk, and coconut kernel. The side dishes are usually made from vegetables, fish, meat or a combination of all of them.

Kerala pachakam is always spicy and tasty. It has wide variety of breakfast recipes. Besides, since people of different countries continually visited the state over a period of 2000 years, cuisine is a beautiful blend of indigenous and foreign dishes well adapted to local tastes. The state is also known for its hot and warm desserts like payasam. Bananas also form an important part of the diet and pachakam of the malayalees.

Kerala is very popular for mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes. The pachakam of Malabar biriyani is well known among non-vegetarian lovers all over the world. Besides, their fish based recipes are very tasty and mouth watering full of spicy flavor. Most common non-vegetarian dishes include traditional chicken curry, stew, beef fry, fish curry, prawn roast, and spicy beef curry. On the other side, Brahmin pachakam make numerous protein-rich and lip smacking vegetarian dishes. Popular vegetarian dishes include sambar, avial, pulissery, kaalan, olan and thoran.

Pachakam Online - Malayalam recipes

Well, for those wish to know about Kerala Cuisine in the beautiful language, Malayalam, pachakam online is a great source. It reflects the great tradition of food culture that is nurtured through centuries of practice. The site features a range of wonderful malayalam recipes from God’s Own Land. Good news is that pachakam online is the Malayalam version of the popular site that has some great and delicious recipes.